Our Philosophy

● core value

Law-abiding, diligent, economical, efficient, team, innovation

● Mission


Build a solid foundation for the enterprise with an excellent team Build a solid foundation for the enterprise with an excellent team


Take responsibility for employees and society with gratitude


Create more prices for customers with diversified products


Contribute to the global ecology with environmentally friendly aluminum profiles


Innovative scientific research technology to provide impetus for industrial progress

● Sustainable development

  • Environmental
    "Protect our home" is not just a slogan,
    Environmental protection has a long tradition at KAP, and protecting our home is our commitment to this land.
    Because, we live here, we live here, our business starts here,
    This is our home…         TAISHAN
  • 回收
    在未来,铝合金回收与及KAP相关产品的可持续生产是我们的重点, 能源效益的提升和节约资源的生产方法,促进了新科科技和新工艺的发展, 将珍格格增值链连在一起,体现了我们对环境保护的愿望, 我们每天生产的铝制品,将会是“再生的铝”。
  • OHS
    After a day's work, everyone goes home safely and healthy, nothing is more important than this.
    This is why KAP has always been concerned about the occupational health and safety of our employees.
    To this end, we have developed key preventive measures in this direction, regular risk assessments, and regular reviews of on-site health and safety policies.
    Therefore, we have successfully reduced the number of work accidents.
  • Occupational health and safety
    Jinqiao has been based in the local community for more than 30 years. Thousands of people in Jinqiao have worked hard in Jinqiao since they were young.
    Jinqiao is no longer just a local manufacturer,
    Jinqiao also affects local communities and hundreds of thousands of happy companies at home and abroad.
    Jinqiao is committed to promoting the sustainable development of local communities and actively participating in poverty alleviation, education, medical treatment and disaster relief activities
    We want to make “happiness” the corporate culture of Jinqiao

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