“Protect our Home”are not just empty phrases,Environmental protection has a long tradition at KAP,
protect our home is our commitment to our ancestors.
we were bore here,
we were live here,
we were started here,
This is our home… Taishan, China, Earth.


There is hardly anything more important than returning home safe and healthy at the end of a working day.
That is why we at KAP are convinced that there is never a more urgent concern than the safety and health of our employees.
Precautionary measures, regularly evaluated risk assessments and our inter-site health and safety policy are key steps in this direction.
As a result, we have succeeded in continuously reducing the number of accidents at work.
KAP has been based in the local community for more than 30 years.
Thousands of KAP employees have started to work in since young.
KAP is not only a local production enterprise, KAP is also affecting the local community and the happiness
of thousands of families at hometown and abroad.
KAP is committed to promoting the sustainable development of local communities and actively participating in activities such as poverty alleviation, education, medical care and disaster relief.
We want to make "happiness" become the corporate culture of KAP.

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